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Shortreed CARESShortreed Community School is located in the town of Aldergrove and is a part of the Langley School District . It currently has a student population of 326+ students. This school is designated a community school, which means that it enjoys a strong connection with the citizens of the community and involves many individual volunteers and service organizations. Shortreed offers full day kindergarten. Our school has a breakfast program for all students who choose to participate. Aldergrove Neighbourhood Services runs an after-school program at Shortreed for grade four and five students. In addition we offer a variety of clubs (such as Ego-Tigers), sports, and leadership opportunities for students.

Our students practice responsible behaviour through our CARES program which represents the following:

    C ooperation
    A ccountability
    R espect
    E ffort and Enthusiasm
    S afety

It is our aim that:

  • all students and staff will feel safe, valued, and trusted
  • staff, students, and parents will work together respectfully
  • on-going communication with parents will exist so that they have the opportunity to be involved in their children’s education

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Shortreed Community Elementary

27330 28 Avenue, Aldergrove
BC, V4W 3K1
Phone: 604-856-4167
Fax: 604-856-7523