Shortreed Library

Welcome to our Shortreed Library page! More photos and info coming soon….

Shortreed Library FAQ

How many books can I take out?
K- one
1-5 – two

How long can I keep a library book?
One week or you may renew it for an additional week

What about Christmas and Spring Break?
Enjoy your books over the holidays and remember to bring them back!

Why do I have to choose a “just right” book?
Because it is like riding a bike uphill if you don’t – if it’s too hard it will not be so fun anymore! (Thank you Mrs. Graham for this analogy.)

How do I choose a “just right” book?
Choose a book that interests you.
Use the five-finger rule to see if it’s a good fit.

What is the five-finger rule?
Read the first page and anytime you see a word that you can’t read or don’t know what it means, put up a finger.
5 fingers? Too hard and you may find it tiring and not very enjoyable

Which books am I allowed to take out?
K – picture books and non-fiction tubs in Term 1 (this will expand later)
1 – picture books, non-fiction tubs and early non-fiction (this will expand to include the early chapter books in conversation with your teacher)
2 – the early chapter books are especially for you plus anything BUT THE BACK SHELVES where the books are too hard or have mature topics
3 – 5 – anything, but aim for a variety in order to stretch yourself as a reader

What happens if I forget a book at home, lose it, or damage it?
Above all else, just be honest and tell Mrs. Kirk. We will work it out with your family in the fairest way possible. It helps to make sure any Library books are stored in safe places away from liquids, pets and toddlers with felt pens!

Shortreed Community Elementary

27330 28 Avenue, Aldergrove
BC, V4W 3K1
Phone: 604-856-4167
Fax: 604-856-7523