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Shortreed Parking Lot Safety Policy

As our parking lot is extremely crowded, the following policy has been created to reduce safety concerns that arise when too many vehicles are pulling in and out of a parking lot and to ensure that our school bus can maneuver without being blocked.

Our parking lot is for staff use. In addition, several daycares have been given special permission to park in our lot.

Parents may drop off and pick up their children east of the crosswalk on 28th Avenue or park in the church parking lot across from the school. Please use the cross walk rather than jaywalking across 28th Avenue. Traffic is extremely heavy during drop off and pick up times and safety is our outmost concern. It may take a bit longer, but staying safe is worth the extra effort.

Vehicles displaying a handicap parking permit may use our handicap parking spot. This spot is not available, however, at bell times (8:35 a.m and 2:30 p.m) as it must be available for families with disabled children.

Disabled parents or parents of disabled children may contact the school to arrange for any needed accommodation for access to the lot.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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