The Week Ahead – April 14-17

Posted: April 13, 2020

Families of Shortreed,

You can listen or watch the video version of this in the video above (if you prefer). Here is the weekly letter from the district

First of all, I hope you had an awesome Easter weekend. I know this was a very different one but the weather was incredible!

Before I talk about last week and this week, I want to again give a huge Shout out to all the emergency service workers. We have tons of Shortreed families still working at hospitals, care homes, pharmacies, grocery stores municipalities, delivery and postal services, food prep, public transit, daycares, people working in education, as well as those working trucking and various trades that help us all make it through this time.

Now, Last week was another crazy week for staff members in schools.

  • It was yet another reminder of how thankful I am to work alongside the Shortreed team… as it truly is a team that supports each other through everything.
  • Teachers and many support staff members engaged in grade group collaboration every day. They were reflecting, Planning and learning together – as you can imagine, there has been significant growth in all our staff as we learn this new way of supporting our students and families.
  • Our resource teachers had class meetings with every classroom teacher. These meetings were a critical step in helping our resource team determine the best way to provide extra support for students and classroom teachers.
  • Our Support staff engaged in online meetings to also discuss the best ways to support the students and families will need an increased level of support.
  • Staff were learning the tech platforms of myblueprint and Microsoft TEAMS. Myblueprint will be used for students and Microsoft Teams is how our staff members have been learning together.  We have encouraged teachers to be patient with myblueprint so some grades will be using it to start with while others will jump on board in the coming weeks.
  • Individual and class videos were sent home to some students and classes from our wonderful SEAs as a way to share some love and care to our students and families.
  • Many Shortreed staff members helped out with continuing to make Phone and email check-ins with families.
  • Teachers and support staff came into the school, maintained their physical distancing, and organized student belongings. We had our first pick up available for parents on Thursday.
  • Deliveries of food and gift cards also continued last week. Thank you to the Langley school district foundation for their support of gift cards for families who need a boost at this time.
  • Hopefully at home, you have figured out a routine that will include some remote learning this week.

So… for This week

  • Each teacher has emailed (or will email tonight or tomorrow morning) a plan for the week. For most grades, we have taken a unified approach so that students in different classes will have a similar routine with similar guidelines.
  • These guidelines and activities are meant to be a meaningful starting point for all students at Shortreed.  We hope you can support your children as best you can with these plans. You know your kids better than anyone. If you feel they can do more, go for it. If you feel it is too much right now, start small and work up from there.
  • For families in need of a device, the district is confirming final steps for distribution to families so we will hopefully know more soon.
  • All student belongings are now organized by class in the gym.  Feel free to drop by between 9-3 on Tuesday this week to pick up the items. We do have strict physical distancing protocols in place so please check your email from last week for details.
  • We hope this first official week of learning goes well for you. Be sure to email your child’s teacher with any questions. Keep things as simple as you can and do your best with this new remote learning experience.
  • We also have some exciting news… we hope to see you Friday afternoon for the Aldergrove Family of Schools Staff Car Rally. We are still firming up route details and safety protocols so stay tuned for more information…  It will be a memorable chance for staff and families from ACSS, Betty Gilbert, Shortreed and Parkside to all connect with families in the community with a smile, a wave, and a honk

Have a great week, Shortreed. We miss you and thank you for all your patience and support.

Stay home. Stay safe. Stay healthy.

Shortreed Community Elementary

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