Kindergarten Gradual Entry 2022

Posted: July 6, 2022

Families of 2022 Kindergarten students at Shortreed,

Thank you for coming to our Kindergarten Welcome event this year; we hope you enjoyed the chance to meet some of the staff and see the classrooms and some of the school. We were very pleased to spend a few minutes with each and every family that was able to attend.

Starting on September 6th, your child (and your family) will begin a new adventure of exploration and learning. This is sure to be an exciting time for your child, your family, and the school staff as you begin the school year and together establish a positive learning environment that is safe, caring, comfortable, and fun. However, we understand that you and your child may feel both excitement and apprehension. We want your child to experience success right from the start, so we have designed a gradual entry schedule into Full-Day Kindergarten.

What is gradual entry, and why is it so important?

Gradual entry into Kindergarten provides children with a smoother transition as they make the adjustment into a full day of school. They begin by attending for a short time with a small group of students and gradually increasing their time to a full day with the whole class in attendance. We have found that the best process for students and families at Shortreed is to meet with families in the first few days to really make sure we are ready for your child to start school on Friday, September 9th. These meetings will also help make equitable groupings and equitable classes.

The gradual entry groups the cohort in half at the start and this allows the teacher to work more closely with each child to build rapport and a positive relationship. During this time, the children have an opportunity to socialize and play with peers, explore their classroom environment and school community, learn routines and expectations, and work one on one and in small groups. It is hoped that during this gradual entry time you will have time to ask questions, calm fears/anxieties, and allow your child’s teacher to begin to get to know your family.

PLEASE NOTE: The gradual entry groups are divided alphabetically into two groups. Those children with legal last names A-L will be in group A and those children with legal last names M-Z will be in group B. Please note the different start times for groups A and B.

The initial homeroom/classroom groupings will be decided after the two days of family meetings but might NOT be your child’s permanent teacher. See the Gradual Entry schedule below or download it here.

Later in the summer, you will also receive an email from a teacher with a chance to sign up for a 15-minute meeting with them to share important information about your child(ren). These meetings, which will include parents with the child, will take place during the gradual entry schedule. After the first few days of meetings, on Thursday, September 8th, you will receive an email stating which classroom/homeroom your child will start in on the morning of the 9th (please remember that this might NOT be your child’s teacher for the year).

We are excited to have Miss Petersen and Ms. Coghill back this year as part of our team and we are thrilled to have Ms. Toby join our team again. We are looking forward to having our fourth teacher (to be named next week) join us at Shortreed as well.

* Please note that the number of days for gradual entry is consistent with the Ministry of Education guidelines for Full Day Kindergarten; however, times and groupings of students will vary from school to school.

Group A – children with legal last names A-L
Group B – children with legal last names M-Z 

Please take a few minutes to read the article, “9 Things Your Child Will Be Working On in Kindergarten”.


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