January Restart Update

Posted: January 7, 2022

Families of Shortreed,

Thank you for your patience and support as we have taken the time to plan for next week and beyond.  We really look forward to having you all back at school on Monday, January 10!

This afternoon/evening you will be receiving our District Continuity of Learning Plan so please take a few minutes to read it carefully. This plan includes the enhanced guidelines to help prevent the spread of Covid-19 as well as key information on strategies in dealing with possibly high student and staff absences. It is important to note that our schools have already been going above and beyond the provincial guidelines so there are not too many significant changes at Shortreed.

Here are some of the updates and reminders of what we are doing at Shortreed:

  • Daily Health Check: As we have been doing for the entire pandemic, please ensure you complete the daily health check for your child prior to sending them each morning. You can access the Daily Health Check here. (Please note that an updated one will be sent out when it is available). If your child has symptoms, they must stay home. If you have any questions, please reach out to Mr. Wejr or Mrs. Tarasoff.
  • Visitors In Schools: We will once again be restricting access to the school for visitors. We are asking parents to make an appointment if they absolutely must come inside the building. Your cooperation is appreciated. If you need to drop something off or pick up, please wait by the table just inside the door and Mrs. Molina can help you. The hot lunch program requires visitors in schools so this is on hold for now.
  • Masks: It is still a requirement that all staff and students wear masks in all interior areas of the school unless they are eating/drinking or they have an exemption to not wear a mask (please email Mr. Wejr directly if your child has an exemption (even if you have notified the school before)). We will be reminding students regularly to wear their masks and ask parents to please do the same. It is also helpful if you can send your child with more than one mask. The Minister of Education announced that we have three-layer masks but this is not yet the case. We will notify you when we have them.
  • Hand Hygiene: Our staff have been having students wash/sanitize hands when they enter the classroom from outside or common areas (gym, library) in the school. We will continue with this process.
  • Bathroom Procedures: We will be monitoring crowding in bathrooms but this has not been an issue so far this year so no significant changes are needed. For those students with a mask exemption, they can use the individual bathrooms near the gym.
  • Playground Procedures: At this time, we will not be making any changes to our protocols for outside at recess and lunch. Students are not currently relegated to zones and we will maintain that for now. Our classes exit and enter through their classroom doors so there are no indoor gatherings so a staggered recess/lunch will not prevent indoor gatherings at our school.
  • Assemblies and Meetings: We will continue to only have school-wide assemblies online and all staff meetings will again be held virtually.

Thank you again for your ongoing support and all your efforts in helping to keep our community safe and well. See you Monday!

Shortreed Community Elementary

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BC, V4W 3K1
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