Good Things and the Week Ahead – November 22-26, 2021

Posted: November 21, 2021

Families of Shortreed,

What a week of weather that was! On Monday, our playground was a complete swamp and on Tuesday, it was shining in the beautiful sunny weather. The people (and animals) affected by the crazy rainfall and flooding have been on our minds as it has, directly and indirectly, affected some of our staff and people within our community.

A reminder that retakes are happening tomorrow (Monday). Please bring the forms/proofs with you but if you forget or cannot find them (or were absent), please let the teacher know (as they do not know who will be getting retakes). Please check out the message below from Mrs. Muller regarding this year’s Christmas concert.

As always, we want to acknowledge that we work, learn, and play on the unceded ancestral lands of the Matsqui, Kwantlen, Katzie, and Semiahmoo First Nations. Through this, we are learning to walk more gently on the land and consider the land and animals in the decisions we make. 

I hope you take a few minutes to read about a few of the good things that have happened this past week as well as so info and updates for the week and month ahead.

Good Things to Talk About

‘Phuture’ Photographers – Miss Petersen’s students worked with Mrs. Kirk (teacher-librarian) and Mr. Bernier (instructional coach) to learn how to take decent photos with the iPads. This skill will help them to capture and share their learning in new ways as well as help them to create their own digital portfolios in the years ahead. Their challenge was to find and capture things that were green.

Documenting Their Learning – Mrs. Parsons’ class also had a chance to work with Mr. Bernier as they started to create their own My Blueprint digital portfolios. They will be able to capture, upload and share their work and learning to their portfolios and these can be kept and shared with parents/caregivers. They also had a chance to continue working with Mrs. Elson on designing their class talking stick.

Little Writers – Mrs. Dhaliwal’s class toured around the classroom to sound out, read and then write different words. It is always such a cool moment when reading opens up a whole new world for our children!!! Students have also been getting quite good at their personalized Alphabet Jive song! The class has their own alphabet jive to help them practice all their letter sounds by using the names of all the students in the class (as well as items for the sounds of the other letters as well).

Forwards or Backwards? Ms. Bedard’s class was having some fun with using addition of multi-digit numbers (with regrouping) to create palindromes in math. A palindrome is a number/word that is read the same backwards and forwards.  They have also been practicing their multiplication tables to help get these into their long-term memory. With repeated practice, students can quickly retrieve their multiplication facts and this frees up their working memory for other math tasks.

A Fraction of Their Learning – Ms. Mostat’s class has been practicing the conversion of fractions to decimals (and vice versa). They were playing a variety of math games with partners to practice this skill.

A New Way to Print – Mr. Troy (one of our custodians) used some time on his break to set up our new 3D printer. He demonstrated how to print some plastic artwork that will be used in the library.

No Legs But One Foot? What has no legs but can move on its foot? A snail! Mr. D’s class spent some time learning about snails and frogs and then participated in a draw then write activity. This writing routine taps into the interest of the learning of animals and then encourages artwork and writing.

Family Traditions – Ms. Holmes’ crew spent some time reading the book, Amy Wu and the Perfect Bao, and then had a class discussion about traditions and those that are specific to their families. The students then had a chance to share their reflections about their family traditions.

Follow Which Leader?  In music class with Mrs. Muller, Division 2 played “Secret Leader” where a student leaves the class, another student is chosen as the secret dance leader, and then everyone follows the changing moves of the leader and the other student returns to the class and has to guess who the leader is. There were some “interesting” dance moves and a whole lot of smiles.

Monster Ball! Mrs. North and Mrs. Fox’s classes each played some Monster Ball in PE class this past week. In this game, students are divided into 2 teams at each end of the gym. Students have dodgeballs and throw these at the Monster Ball in the middle to try to make the monster ball move across the other team’s line. It is a great way to practice throwing skills!

The Power of the Small Group – Ms. Kaur was again embracing the importance of small group reading instruction. This is done each day to provide instruction at (and just above) the reading levels of students. Those who need more support get more time in small groups and this helps to support everybody with the goal of getting every child to grade level.

Sound Walls! Sound walls are popping up on the walls of many of our classrooms. They are a way for students to see and learn the different sounds of speech (phonemes) and this helps with oral language, reading, and writing!

Checking For Growth – November reading assessments are taking place so teachers can see the growth that has occurred in students for term 1. These assessments also help teachers to tailor their instruction to best meet the students where they are at. These take time so we really appreciate the efforts of teachers (along with support staff who can sometimes need to help with the class during assessment time).




The Week Ahead

Monday – Photo Retakes!!! Please bring in the form/proofs and let your child’s teacher know they will be getting a retake.
Tuesday – PAC Meeting, 7:00pm in the library. All are welcome!
Wednesday – PAC Popcorn Day

Month at a Glance

December 1 – Spirit Day – Red, White, and Green Day
December 8
 – Santa Breakfast (in class), PAC Popcorn Day
December 10 – Community Run – “Reindeer Run” 1:30, Report Cards go home
December 11 – Aldergrove Parade
December 14 – Christmas Concerts (performed and recorded to be sent out to families before the break)
December 15 – PAC Milk and Cookies
December 17 – Last Day before Winter Break, PAC Meeting (Zoom) 9am, Students watch Christmas Concert Videos

Updates and Reminders

Shortreed Christmas Concert!!!  To ensure the health and safety of our families, our concert will be recorded this year on Tuesday, December 14 and then sent home via email on Friday, December 17. For the concert filming day (Tues, Dec 14), please make sure that students dress in “nicer than everyday clothes”.  We will have an inside day that day so students (and parents) need not worry about getting dirty.

Langley School District Foundation 50/50 draw! (funds go to support Langley students and families)

Information About School Status During Inclement Weather

Snow closures and power outages are an annual occurrence in Langley School District. So, where do you go to get information about the status of schools during periods of inclement weather? If you are able to access the internet via computer or smartphone, current information about Langley schools can be accessed on all school websites or Updates are also posted to Twitter @LangleySchools and Facebook at If you don’t have internet connectivity but your phone is working, call a relative or friend in an area that has not been affected by the storm and ask them to check the district website for you. Local radio stations are also informed of school status in Langley. Tune in to CKWX 1130AM, CKNW 980AM, Country Radio 107.1FM, Pulse 107.7 or CBC 690AM or 88.1FM for updates.

Please note that Langley District schools are all considered ‘open’ until a decision to close is required. Decisions on school closures are usually made by 6:30am. As always, it is a parent’s decision whether to send their child to school based on safety and individual circumstances. If you feel it is unsafe for you or your child to travel to or attend an open school for any reason, please keep your child home and report an absence to the school.

PLEASE USE THE CROSSWALK – We understand that parking is an issue at our school; however, we have seen some scary close calls with children and adults crossing the street away from the crosswalk. It does take an extra minute but it can save a life! Please use the crosswalk to go across 28th Ave.

Daily Health Check – Our District’s procedure is for all students to complete a daily health check at home prior to entering school and/or boarding a District bus. The Ministry of Education’s Daily Health Check poster has been updated to reflect new federal regulations regarding international travel. The symptoms listed remain the same. You can find the updated print version here. The updated version is being translated into multiple languages, which will be posted to the Ministry’s COVID-19 Safe Schools website here. Families can also continue to use the Ministry’s mobile app or online version here.

Our school parking lot is closed between 8:15-9:00 and 2:00-2:45 (other than daycare, buses, and vehicles for people with a disability). The church across the street graciously allows us to use their parking lot so please park there or along 28th Ave. Do not park in the “no parking” (coned) areas along the yellow curbs.

West Coast Recess – As we have done over the past few years, every day is an outside day at Shortreed. Unless there is a severe rainstorm (or snowstorm), we will be heading outside. As the forecast this week calls for rain this week, please make sure your child has a coat to wear outside. We have a good selection of coats in our FREE Coat Exchange near the office so come on by and check them out.

If your child will be absent, please call the school at 604-856-4167 or email

Community Events

Are you looking for events in our community? Take a look at our District’s Community Bulletin Board with some great opportunities for families.

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