Good Things and the Week Ahead – November 18-22

Posted: November 18, 2019

Families of Shortreed,

Staff had some time today to dive deeper into how to best support the social-emotional development of our students – be sure to check out next week’s newsletter for more info. Don’t forget about the PAC Dollar Sale coming up this Friday (see below for more details). Donations are still being accepted. Our Parent Showcase for Club Wednesdays is this week so we would love it if you could pop by between 1:15-2:15 to see what our students have been up to in Club Wednesdays this term.

We want to welcome our new Grade 4 teacher, Ms Fenech, to Shortreed! She will be teaching Division 4 and brings experience from teaching overseas in Europe, as well as teaching in Ontario and BC.

Please see a cool opportunity for Aldergrove families at the end of this newsletter.

Because our grade 5s were on a field trip to see the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, we have 3 hard-working grade 4s – Ryder, Cassidee, and Anish – acting as our news crew for this week’s newsletter. Please take a moment to read about the good things they collected as well as some important info and dates for the week and month ahead.

Good Things to Talk About

What an Experience!  Mrs Muller and our grade 5 staff members took our grade 5s to the Vancouver Orpheum Theatre this week to see, listen, and feel the incredible talent of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra! The VSO has been performing for some schools recently and it is a great way to inspire students to stick with music and go into the band program in middle school.

Allergies and Anaphylaxis – The KPU Nursing students spent some time with Shortreed staff after school on Thursday to teach us all about supporting students and staff with anaphylactic allergies. Staff learned the signs and symptoms and also had a chance to practice with a training EpiPen.

Division 15 – Staying Healthy – Ms Coghill’s students welcomed the KPU nursing students in to learn from them on the topic of hand-washing. Students learned the proper way to wash their hands as well as the reasons it is so important to wash numerous times a day. Division 15 also had their canine colleague, Andy, in for one last visit. Andy is a therapy dog in training and will be moving to his new family to support someone with some extra needs.

Division 14 – Framing Their Math – Miss Petersen’s class have been working on expressing numbers with 10-Frames. They recently used some fall items to place on their 10-frames to represent numbers 1-10. They were also able to finally use those apples they brought back from the field trip a few weeks ago. Ms Belyk (a parent) came in and helped bake apple tarts with and for the kids! 

Division 13 – It’s ALIVE!  Mrs Kelly and Mrs Vleeming have been working with their class on classifying something as Living or Non-Living.  Students can reflect on a ‘thing’ and then categorize as living or non-living.

Division 12 – Dinosaurs and Doubles! Kids (and often adults) are always so intrigued by the massive creatures that are… dinosaurs. Mrs Datema, and her student teacher Ms McCabe, have been teaching and reading stories all about dinosaurs. They even wrote and drew about their creative ideas about having a pet dinosaur!  In addition, for math, they have been practising their math facts, especially in the area of “doubles”. When doubles (1+1, 2+2, 3+3, etc) are practised and placed into long-term memory, this can make mental math that much easier for addition and multiplication.

Division 11 – The Heart of Sophie – Students in Mrs Manhas’ class have been reading the book, Sophie’s Heart, about a robot that is missing its heart. The adventures lead the robot to speak to a variety of animals and learning the many aspects of the Heart-Mind Wellbeing framework that helps with social-emotional learning (gets along with others, compassionate and kind, solves problems peacefully, secure and calm, and alert and engaged). To download a copy of this book (K-3), click here.

Division 10 – “Bat”ter than ever!  Division 10 continues to learn all about bats. They have spent some time recently learning about the use of Venn Diagrams for critical thinking as they shared similarities and differences between bats and birds. 

Division 9 – Connecting With the Story  Mrs Zelter’s students have been reading the novel, The World according to Humphrey. The story shares the impact of a classroom pet (hamster) on the learning and actions of a classroom. To help with summarizing and connecting, after the class read a chapter, the students were encouraged to draw something about what happened. 

Division 8 – What’s the Matter?  Students in Mrs North’s class have been learning all about matter in science. Students have been exploring the different states of matter and determining what matter is. In addition, they have also been talking a lot about playing peacefully and gently with each other so students can have more enjoyable recess and lunchtimes on the playground.

Division 7 – Doing Their Part!  Mr D’s students have been doing more than their part in looking after the earth. The class has been learning all about the many ways we can reduce-reuse-recycle and they even have a team of students who have started going around to lead recycling throughout the school. In addition to this, for science, they are learning about potential and kinetic energy and being able to share examples of both. Do you know the difference between these two forms of energy?

Division 6 – Cheeeeese!  Ms Rafighi’s class has been learning all about a contest in England where people chase a huge wheel of cheese down a hill! Not only did they have some fun discussions about this. they have been using this learning in their reading and writing.

Division 5 – Why Am I Me?  To help build community through kindness, empathy, compassion, and an appreciation of diversity, students in Ms Holmes/Mr Touzeau’s class have been reading a book called Why Am I Me and exploring the idea of “identity”? Following the reading and the discussion, the students drew and shared pictures of acts of kindness.

Division 4 – Supporting Each Other – As we finally come to the close of Division 4 not having a permanent teacher, I think it is important to acknowledge the incredible ways that this class has supported each other. We truly appreciate the efforts of the SEAs, Mrs Campbell and Mrs Burnell, as well as Mr Milner for coming in these past three weeks, and Mrs Kirk and Mrs Bernier for helping with planning. The students, however, have shown awesome responsibility, resiliency, and independence as, even though they have had many different teachers-on-call coming in to work with them, they have made some key progress in their learning during their grade 4 year. We look forward to welcoming and supporting Ms Fenech as she transitions to our school!

Division 3 – Skunked!  Mrs Kirk’s students have recently finished reading the story, A Boy Called Bat. The story centres on a boy, Bat, who lives with Autism and whose mom, a vet, brings home a skunk kit. Bat is determined to prove to his mom that it can be a pet. Through their reading and reflections, the students in Div 3 were also introduced to Dr. Dragoo – an actual skunk researcher. They recently wrote some questions for Dr. Dragoo about his life working with skunks.

Division 1 and 2 – Gathering Their ReflectionsThis week, our grade 5s have been working with Mr Bernier, Mrs Parsons, and Ms Bedard, to use images and writing to gather their reflections about their trip to St Mary’s Indian Residential School.  Mrs Parsons’ students have been reading Front Desk and discussing with their buddies in New Jersey through the Padlet App as part of the Global Read Aloud. They have also enjoyed learning from Mr Rasmussen – a student-teacher from UFV.



The Week Ahead

Tuesday, November 19 – K-3 Parent Literacy Night – Parkside – 6:30pm
Wednesday, November 20 – Club Wednesday Showcase – parents/caregivers invited – 1:15-2:15
Thursday, November 21 – Assembly – 11:30am
Friday, November 22 – Hot Lunch 12pm
Friday, November 22 – PAC Dollar Sale – 1-6pm

Important Reminders and Updates

  • Christmas Concert Updates: Christmas Concerts are on Tuesday, December 17th at 1:00 and 6:30 pm.  All students in the school are performing and are expected to be at both performances.  Students that cannot attend need to have a note or phone call from a parent into the school.  Students should plan to arrive at the school at 6 pm for the evening performance and go to their classrooms.  Students should dress in their nicest clothes for both performances.
  • New Vaccination Reporting Status Regulation – As the new vaccination reporting status regulation came into effect this past summer, you can now check your child’s vaccination status online. Please click here to read the full letter from Fraser Health.
  • Free Counselling – Langley Community Services offers FREE counselling for a variety of needs. Please click here for more info.
  • Lost and Found – Our lost and found is overflowing with jackets and clothing. Please come by (on the ramp near the gym) and see if your child has left anything there.
  • Coat and Boot/Shoe Exchange – Are you in need of a coat? Boots? Shoes? Come and check out our exchange by the office. There are a number of quality pieces of clothing there to take for free (or donate for someone to make good use of it).
  • Information About School Status During Inclement Weather Snow closures and power outages are an annual occurrence in Langley School District. So where do you go to get information about the status of schools during periods of inclement weather? If you are able to access the internet via computer or smartphone, current information about Langley schools can be accessed on all school websites or Updates are also posted to Twitter @LangleySchools and Facebook at If you don’t have internet connectivity but your phone is working, call a relative or friend in an area that has not been affected by the storm and ask them to check the district website for you. Local radio stations are also informed of school status in Langley. Tune in to CKWX 1130AM, CKNW 980AM, Country Radio 107.1FM, Pulse 107.7 or CBC 690AM or 88.1FM for updates.Please note that Langley District schools are all considered ‘open’ until a decision to close is required. Decisions on school closures are usually made by 6:30am. As always, it is a parent’s decision whether to send their child to school based on safety and individual circumstances. If you feel it is unsafe for you or your child to travel to or attend an open school for any reason, please keep your child home and report an absence to the school.
  • Breakfast Program – A reminder that we have a great breakfast program run by local volunteers. If you would like your child to access this program, you can find the form here. Also, please let us know if you would like to volunteer as we are extremely short this year and our volunteers are burning out!
  • After School Program – Did you know we have a flexible, low-cost option for an after school program at our school? The Township of Langley offers “Active Beyond the Bell” each day from 2:45-4:45 in our gym! Click here to get more info and call the Aldergrove Credit Union Community Centre to register.
  • Home Reading Website – be sure to check out our website designed to support families in home reading.
  • Parking – Our parking lot is closed from 8:15-8:45 and from 2:15-2:45. We only have enough space for our staff and drivers with a disability. The parking area is only open for staff, school district buses, and daycare transportation during these times. Please park along 28th Ave or in the Catholic Church across the street who have once again graciously donated their lot to us.
  • Pick Up and Drop Off – To ensure our students have appropriate supervision and are safe, please do not drop off your students before 8:20. Also, unless there are extenuating circumstances, please do not pick up your child before the bell nor after 2:45 (as we do not have supervision past 2:45).

PAC Information

  • Our Shortreed Dollar Sale is back on November 22nd from 1 until 6pm. We appreciate all the help as every dollar goes to our kids. Please drop off your donations at the PAC office or arrange a time if you have lots to donate. We have limited storage and volunteers so please only donate usable items. Many hours are spent organizing and sorting donations and unfortunately, we end up with items that can not be sold or donated again due to their condition. This includes used candles, used bath products, dirty/stained clothing (we do not expect clothing to be folded but clean would be nice, if possible tie shoes together), broken toys and other broken/damaged items. Our volunteers would so appreciate it!!! With everyone’s help, we can make this another great fundraiser. Please drop off your donations at the school PAC room or make arrangements to meet, please no large items such as large furniture.

    If you’re new to our school and haven’t heard of our dollar sale here is how it all works. Our school collects donations from the community and we turn our gym into a big sale. Starting at 1pm every item is $1, then at 4pm it goes down to 4 things for a $1, then at 5pm it goes to 10 things for $1. We have some fantastic things that are donated each year. Please come and see what treasures you can find. In years’ past we have seen some families bring their children to come shop for Christmas gifts for their friends and family, please invite your friends to come shop or ask them if they have any donations.

  • Purdy’s Chocolates!  Our Purdy’s fundraiser is now open. The link for our fundraiser is here. Orders are due on Wednesday, November 20.
  • Otter Co-op Receipts – If you have receipts from Otter Co-op that you no longer need, please bring them in and drop them off in our box in the office. A portion of all these proofs of purchases comes back to our school in the form of gift cards!

Month at a Glance

  • Tuesday, November 26 – PAC Meeting 7pm
  • Thursday, November 28 – Lockdown Drill #1 – 11:45am
  • Friday, November 29 – SEVA Lunch
  • Tuesday, December 3 – Fire Drill #3 – 10:05
  • Friday, December 6 – Santa Breakfast 7:00-8:30
    Friday, December 6 – Term 1 Report Cards Home
  • Wednesday, December 11 – Hot Lunch
  • Tuesday, December 17 – Christmas Concerts – 1:00 and 6:30
  • Friday, December 20 – Last Day before Winter Break.

Community Events

Click here to view some awesome opportunities for kids and families in our community.

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