Good Things and the Week Ahead – May 19-22

Posted: May 18, 2020

Families of Shortreed,

We sure miss you! We hope you had a decent long weekend and had a chance to get outside in the nice weather today.

As always, we are honoured to work, learn, and play on the unceded ancestral lands of the Matsqui, Kwantlen, Katzie, and Semiahmoo First Nations. 

On Friday, I sent an important letter from our superintendent that shared the broad provincial guidelines on an optional return to in-person instruction as we move to Stage 3 in education on June 1 (if you have not read it yet, please read it here). We will continue in Stage 4 as we provide some in-person instruction to a few children of Essential Service Workers and diverse learners. Over the next few days, district and school administrators will be meeting to develop some ideas that we can take to parents and staff to then come up with a plan for Stage 3 (which, at Shortreed, involves students possibly attending up to 50% – this is optional as per the letter). One thing that we know is that in order to do this well, we will need time to connect with families and time to plan. Stay tuned!

Thank you to one of our neighbours, Tiffany, who captured the image above of some “deer” friends getting some activity time on our back field. 

Good Things to Talk About

What Went Well – At every staff meeting, we take the first few minutes to share something positive that staff have experienced. Through our virtual meetings, we also take time for staff to comment on some positives. At our staff meeting on Thursday, this is what was shared:

  • Some staff continuing to work with families to get them up and running on TEAMs so they can video conference. So wonderful to “see” our students!
  • A few students (who up until this point, we not able to engage in the remote learning) were able to get onto TEAMs and participate in individual reading lessons with their teachers.
  • One student did her speech while she delivered papers to her teacher’s home!
  • Some great responses to the Langley Picture Book of the Year survey with our grade 5s.
  • Some staff getting creative on how to connect with families and were able to connect with them for the first time since before spring break.
  • “Flat Miss Petersen” has started her adventures with the students from Div 14 out and about Aldergrove!
  • More video conferencing has led to reading instruction with some of our teachers… so exciting!
  • Great to see some of our students in our ESW Learning Camp!
  • Some lovely emails from students who received the Shortreed Post Cards in the mail (not all staff have sent them out at this point).
  • Students doing speeches in the parking lot of the school.
  • Grade 5 students learning “lattice box multiplication”.
  • Small group instruction on TEAMs!
  • Seeing students smile as they connect with each other over TEAMs.

Thank You and All the Best!  Mr. Rasmussen and Miss McCabe completed their teaching practicum on Friday. We are so proud of their incredible dedication and growth through their time at Shortreed. We thank them for all their efforts and wish them all the best and hope to see them back at Shortreed in the near future!  Thank you, too, to Mrs. Datema and Mrs. Parsons, along with the students and families of Divisions 1 and 12, for continually supporting these two lovely teachers at the start of their teaching careers.

The Importance of Connection – Shortreed staff worked with cultural presenter, Carman McKay on Friday, to learn more about the importance of taking the time and providing the space for connection with self, others, and the earth. He also shared the basics of his drawing style and the connections to local animals. Some participated in person while others participated virtually from home.

Showered With… Love?  Well, well, well… Mr. Touzeau’s plan (along with some staff who were in the building) to make Mr. Wejr’s birthday a truly memorable one… was a success. Clearly, he was still upset at the prank that was pulled on him last year so he definitely stepped up his game with this one (you can watch the video below… please know that no principal was harmed in the making of this video… but he did get expired pancake mix in his ear, nose, and throat!). Mr. Touzeau believes he is even… muhahahahah.

The Week Ahead (updates and reminders):

Transportation (bus) registration for 2020-21 is now open. All riders who are currently in the system and expected to continue riding next year will receive a letter with instructions and a link to the online registration form. Please note the instructions to register are different for each category of rider. Information can be found on our Transportation Registration Webpage

PAC AGM is coming up on Tuesday, May 26 where PAC will be approving next year’s budget as well as holding the elections for next year’s Exec team. Please remember you must be present at the meeting to be voted in and you must be there to vote. Here are the people who have been nominated for positions. If you are interested in a position, you can still put your name forward (please email

  • President: Amy Synesael
  • VP: Cashmere Roder
  • Secretary: Leanne Greig
  • Treasurer: Laura Wheway
  • DPAC: Jodi-Rae Stiglic
  • Fundraiser: Shananda Deannee, Jennifer Lori Cooksley
  • Members at Large: Shaunee Pedersen, Kelly Cryderman

Please stay tuned for more information sent from the district and school regarding entering Stage 3 on June 1 (emails will be sent as we have more info). 

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