Good Things and the Week Ahead – March 2-6, 2020

Posted: March 1, 2020

Families of Shortreed,

As Mr. Touzeau and I read through the report cards and look over reading assessments for term 2, we are once again reminded of the incredible efforts that our staff and community put into supporting our students. It is so great to see the awesome growth in literacy, numeracy, and/or social-emotional learning in our students. When you receive your child’s report card on Friday, it is important to first look at the strengths – what went well in term 2? How can they build on this for term 3? It is easy to get drawn to the struggles and how to “fix” these… but it is more effective when you can use the strengths and successes to support the stretches in their learning.

We invite you to come and support Aldergrove music programs as our choir, along with bands and ensembles from Parkside, BGMS, and ACSS will be performing at the Aldergrove Night of Music at ACSS in the big gym at 7pm. The event is free and it is the start of a new Aldergrove tradition!

This week, our News Crew of Sally, Tristan, Millianna, and Tia were out collecting the learning stories again for the newsletter.

I hope you take a moment to read over the Good Things happening at our school along with some updates and reminders for the weeks ahead.

Good Things to Talk About

Just Rolled Out of Bed? Our school had another spirit day on Friday as students just got to roll out of bed, have a bite to eat, brush their teeth and head off to school with their pyjamas on! Some students were encouraged to bring their stuffies with them too.

Move to Learn – Jennifer Brown, of Pacific Sport, was in our school again this past week to mentor our teachers on teaching the skill of running in a fun and meaningful way. When students CAN run, they are more confident and they are more motivated to be active! On Thursday, she also provided an after-school workshop for staff on the skills of jumping (2 foot) and hopping (1 foot).

Hard, Important Lessons  Our grade 5 basketball team ran into some stiff competition this week as they played Uplands and James Hill. The team came up short on the scoreboard but showed awesome growth, determination, and resiliency in the 2nd game. Even though the score wasn’t in the Eagles’ favour, they played what the coaches felt was their hardest and best game of the season!  The Eagles travel to Simonds on Tuesday for their final game of the season and have their playday next week at HD Stafford.

Jumping Way Beyond Our Goal! We shared the exciting news that our school not only met our fundraising goal of $1000 for the Heart and Stroke Foundation… but we clobbered it at raised close to $1800! Well done, Shortreed!

Another Term of Sharing Strengths – Our Term 2 Club Wednesday session is in the books. Thank you so much to all those staff members who shared a passion for students to explore. Thank you to parent Mrs. Melo for sharing her passion for boxing and parent Mike from Wild Education (and his daughter Raina) for sharing his passion for wildlife preservation and education. We are so thankful our kids get to do this each and every term at Shortreed!

Updating the Way We Communicate – Our Shortreed teachers met on Monday, led by Mrs. Kirk and Mrs. Parsons, to discuss updates and improvements to report cards for next year. We also discussed ways we can better communicate criteria in assessment with students. Stay tuned for more info.

Div 1 – Pumped For Science! This past week, Mrs. Parsons’ class continued exploring how the circulatory system works and also started to learn the parts of the heart. Mr. R, a student teacher, has helped the class with “brain pockets” and separating their writing ideas into facts, memories, and imaginative idea pockets. 

Div 2 – Good TIMES in Math – Ms. Bedard’s class has begun to learn and practice 2-digit by 2-digit multiplication skills. To maintain their previously learned math skills and add in some new ones, they have been learning some fun new math games.

Div 3 – Encouraging Others to Get Out! Mrs. Kirk’s class has been spending some time using the Explain Everything App to share their learning in a different way. Partners worked together to make a list of the positives of going outside for their class community walks. They then used the app to combine images, special effects, text, and voice to share their ideas. They also did this to share their learning for their inquiry questions regarding the sun, earth, and/or moon. Be sure to check out some samples on our Instagram and Facebook feeds.

Div 4 – Expanding Their VocabThis past week, Ms. Fenech’s class worked on learning and using new vocabulary from the book, Charlotte’s Web.  Students worked with a partner to use a dictionary and a thesaurus to learn synonyms, antonyms and parts of speech of words like cunning, oblige, blissful, surly, dazed and so many more.  Students worked on creating their own sentences using this vocabulary and even drawing pictures to show their thinking. 

Div 5 – The Bridge to Learning MathThis past week in math, Ms. Holmes’ and Mr. Touzeau’s class learned two strategies for subtraction with numbers to 1000 –  base-ten representation and subtraction with bridging. The students need a variety of strategies to help them visualize the process of regrouping their ones and tens.   

Div 6 – Reflecting on Pink Shirt Day – Ms. Rafighi’s class took some time to discuss how and why Pink Shirt Day started. They then shared what differences and similarities people might have.  Following this, they then came up with some ideas about what every person needs: to feel welcome, to belong, to be part of a group, and to have friendships.  Students wrote about this in their journals.

Div 7 – Showing Determination With Math – Students in Mr. D’s class have shown their determination as they are learning new skills, struggling with it, and then achieving success. They recently spent time learning and practicing the skill of subtraction with regrouping of 3-digit numbers. They also spent time discussing and learning about the fascinating Giant Pacific Octopus!

Div 8 – Learning With Stuffies – Mrs. North’s class has been developing their skills in descriptive writing. On pyjama day, they used their stuffies as the topics of their descriptive writing. In addition, they have been learning how to read and write contractions.

Div 9 – Ramping Up Their Learning – Students in Mrs. Zelter’s class to some time in science to explore different ramp heights and lengths to see what would cause a marble to roll further. They also shared with their teacher some guesses of gender and ideas for names for both a boy and a girl as Mrs. Zelter would be finding out this weekend if she was having a boy or a girl!

Div 10 – Welcome New Authors! Ms. Bain’s class brainstormed elements of a good story and then used that as criteria to make their own stories. Students played with loose parts with the purpose of creating and writing a story. The authors, full of excitement, then read their stories to the class! 

Div 11 – All Beautifully Mixed Up! Students in Ms. Manhas’ class read the story, Mixed: A Colourful Story that shows the value of diversity in a community. Inspired by the story, they then used the primary colours of red, blue, and yellow and came up with different colourful possibilities in art! 

Div 12 – Celebrating Differences – Mrs. Datema’s students took some time this past week to explore and celebrate differences. They learned that everyone is different and that it’s ok to be different (and read a book by this title by Todd Parr). They can all like different stuff, act differently, and be different and this is all ok as long as we are not mean. They also talked a lot about the importance of kindness. In math, they were working teams of numbers – 1s, 10s, and more!

Div 13 – Learning About Matsqui – Mrs. Kelly’s class had a special guest in to share her knowledge of Matsqui First Nation. Melissa Epp, a parent and proud member of the Matsqui First Nation, spoke to the class about the land in which we are so honoured to learn and work on. The class also continued to spend time working on their letter formations for printing and enjoyed a movie day on Friday.  Mrs. Kelly’s boys even stopped by to play with the class for centre time. 🙂

Div 14 – Starting Young with Self-Assessment – One of the key methods of assessment is self-assessment. Students need to understand the criteria for success and how they are doing with their learning. Students in Miss Peterson’s class took some time to self-assess their learning of their letters and shared their assessment with 1, 2, or 3 happy faces.

Div 15 – Nice Delivery!  Inspired by their time with Curl BC, Ms Coghill’s class went on a field trip to the Langley Curling Club. The students learned how to move their brooms on the ice and how to use one of their feet to grip and one of their feet to slide.  They even learned how to throw the curling rocks along the ice towards a target. It was an awesome learning opportunity!

Music – Reading the Notes – This week in Mrs. Muller’s music class, the students in grades 3-5 continued to learn how to read and understand musical notation.  They learned how to use the tools “every good boy deserves fudge” (EGBDF) and “FACE” to read notes in the treble clef.  They will be able to transfer this knowledge to help them play most other band instruments as they move on to middle school.

Aboriginal Program – Learning on the Mountain – Ms. Elson invited the grade 4/5 students involved in the Aboriginal Program for a field trip up Grouse Mountain on Friday. There, the students learned some songs, stories, and culture of the Squamish people from a teacher in the Feast House. Following this, they had a chance to learn and practice snowshoeing (and sledding on their bellies) through the trails of Grouse. A special thank you to Ms. Elson for organizing and supervising the trip and to Mrs. Romas for all her help… both staff members stayed with the group until they got home after 7 pm (a 2 hour delay!).

The Week Ahead

Parent-teacher conference sign up is now live. Please check your emails for more information. Click here to sign up for a spot.
Monday, March 2 – Grade 5 basketball practice is cancelled.
Tuesday, March 3 – Grade 5 basketball practices 7:30-8:30. Game at Simonds Elementary (students leave at 2:20).
Wednesday, March 4 – Lockdown Drill at 11:45. Aldergrove Night of Music at ACSS – the community is welcome!!!
Friday, March 6 – Spirit Day – Crazy hat, socks, and hair day; Flyin’ Bob cultural assembly 9am; Hot Lunch (Helm’s Mobile Kitchen); Report Cards Home; Family Movie Night 6:30pm (see PAC info below).

Month at a Glance

Tuesday, March 10 – Grade 5 Basketball Playday at HD Stafford – 3-5:30pm
Wednesday, March 11 – Parent-Teacher Conferences 2:00-4:30, early dismissal at 1:30
Thursday, March 12 – Parent-Teacher Conferences 2:00-7:30, early dismissal at 1:30, Spirit Day – Throwback Thursday!
Friday, March 13 – Last day of classes before Spring Break
Monday, March 30 – Schools Reopen after Spring Break

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Important Reminders and Updates.

  • Cell Phones – we are seeing an increase in students bring cell phones and personal devices to school. As we have technology for students who need it at school, there is no reason a student should bring a cell phone out at school. If they do bring it to school, it must remain in their backpacks while on school property. Students will be asked to turn their phones into administration if it out of their backpacks while on school property (including before/after school during supervised time).
  • Emailing About Student Absences – To help parents to notify us about a child’s absence, you can now email or click on the “Report an Absence” on our website
  • Picking Up Early – Our office is very busy with last-minute tasks and phone calls between 2:15 and 2:30 each day. If you need to pick up your child early, please organize this with the teacher and pick them up at the classroom. We will not be able to sign students out between 2:15-2:30 unless there are extenuating circumstances (illness, medical appointments, etc). We currently have some families asking us to call down their children for pick up at the office before the bell on a fairly regular basis and this is causing more work than we can handle at that time of the day. A reminder that our parking lot is CLOSED from 2:15-2:45 each day because buses and daycare vans need to access.
  • Kindergarten Registration runs from January 20 through March 31. To guarantee a spot in catchment area schools, students must register prior to March 31.
  • Free Counselling – Langley Community Services offers FREE counselling for a variety of needs. Please click here for more info.
  • Parking – Our parking lot is closed from 8:15-8:45 and from 2:15-2:45. We only have enough space for our staff and drivers with a disability. The parking area is only open for staff, school district buses, and daycare transportation during these times. Please park along 28th Ave or in the Catholic Church across the street who have once again graciously donated their lot to us

PAC Information

  • Family Movie Night! PAC is excited to be showing ❄️ Frozen II ❄️ on Friday, March 6th at 6:30pm. There will be lots of popcorn, treats, and snacks!We will be ordering pizza from Classic Pizza to be delivered at 6:10 before the movie. If you would like to order pizza for your family, please have orders and exact change (no cheques please) in by Wednesday, March 4th. Unfortunately, no late orders can be accepted.*NEW* we will be raffling off a DVD copy of the movie, tickets are $1 each. Parents can order raffle tickets on their pizza order form, as well as on movie night. You do not have to be at the movie night to win!

    Please remember that all children must be actively supervised by an adult (age 16+) and that all school rules apply. Wear your Elsa pyjamas and bring your Olaf blankets, and join us for this fun family night! We hope to see you there!

  • Blueberry Time!!!  Berryhill Foods, a local distributor, is very excited to work with our school offering this new fundraiser. Available to families are their I.Q.F. Superior Grade X-Large Size Blueberries in 10lb (frozen) cardboard cases for $25.00.  Blueberry orders must be in by Monday, March 2nd at 9am in the office. Orders must be picked up on March 9th at 2:20pm before dismissal.  Please meet Cashmere in the school parking lot beside the gym (where the Neufeld Farms orders are delivered).  No holds as the PAC does not have freezer storage. Please print and fill out the order form which can be downloaded here. Order forms are also available at the office. If you would like an order form sent home with your child please contact Shortreed PAC at or send Cashmere Roder a message.  Cash or cheque accepted. Please make cheques out to Shortreed PAC.  If you have any questions or require any further information please contact Cashmere Roder.
    Note from Mr Wejr – A number of people have ordered these blueberries and they are DELICIOUS! They are great on their own or for smoothies and toppings for all sorts of yummy foods!
  • Shortreed’s Fun Fair is only a few months away!!! We have started the planning process and are looking for people who would like to help plan and organize the fair. There are lots of big and small jobs that need to be done before the big day. There are a few Fun Fair meetings coming up in February for those interested. (this call out is for helpers to help plan the fair, posts and emails for volunteers for the day of will be sent out in April)Volunteer coordinator positions that need to be filled.
    • Advertising- help get the word out
    • Dunk Tank- One of the kids’ favourites!
    • Escape Room- (this is our first year wanting to do an escape room. We need a coordinator that is willing to be in charge of this station from 2.30pm to 8pm. The company will teach you how to run the game and give you everything you need). We hope to find someone to run this station as we know how much fun our families will have at this new addition to our fair.
    • Without volunteers to run these stations we, unfortunately, won’t be able to have them at this year’s fair. Please email the PAC at for more information or contact Cashmere Roder.
  • A big thank you to all those who brought in Otter Co-op Receipts… this raised close to $500! Thank you to Debbie Perry for organizing this and to Otter Co-op for the support.

Community News and Events

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