Good Things and the Week Ahead – June 23, 2019

Posted: June 23, 2019

Families of Shortreed,

The time has come… the moment you have been waiting for… the season finale of the “Good Things and the Week Ahead”. 🙂

We have had another jam-packed week of fun and learning at Shortreed so please take a moment to read about some of the good things as well as take a look at the week ahead and reminders for some important info.

Thanks for reading and doing your best to stay informed throughout the year!

Good Things to Talk About

Sports Day 2019!  We had an absolute blast on Friday as students donned their house team colours, played hard, and cheered each other on for our 2019 Sports Day! Check out our Instagram or Facebook for photos of the day. Thank you to the students from BGMS and ACSS who came to help, the parents who helped run the concession, the families who came out to support, and to the staff for all their work in setting up and running the day. Special thank you to Ms Bain for her help in organizing the event.

Big Wheels Keep On Turning We had a great showing for our Wheels Parade again this year as students and families spent time decorating their bikes in house colours and a variety of themes. Thank you to families for supporting their kids with this as it adds such a fun layer to the day!

PULL!  After the morning of sports day, our intermediate classes took to the backfield for our 2019 Tug-of-War Championships! Division 1 and 2 won the semifinal event and then Division 2 pulled their hardest and won the final. Following this, the “Super Staff” showed their sheer strength and the impact of year-round tug-of-war training as they defeated the Grade 5’s in a staff vs student tug-of-war challenge.

A Wet Way to End the Week Grade 1 classes, along with Mrs North’s class, took advantage of a gift from a family (some homemade crocheted water “balloons” from the Creech family) and some sunny weather for an epic water fight on Friday afternoon.  Shortly after the water fight started, the students decided to attack an outnumbered lowly (but determined) principal who fought hard but eventually admitted defeat when there was not a single spot on him that could take any more water. Not even a hose and an umbrella could help take on all the 6/7 year-olds whose teamwork and strategy were too much for him to handle.

More Than a Single Day  National Indigenous Peoples Day was on Friday but rather than celebrate on just that day, Shortreed has been learning and celebrating all month. A special Inuit Game was added to the Sports Day event (Inuit Foot Pull) and all our bulletin boards are full of learning from the past month. Thank you to Ms Elson, Ms Rafighi, and Ms Bedard for their efforts, leadership, and teachings throughout the year.

Walking the Ole Hallways The ACSS Class of 2019 made a special appearance in their former schools on Wednesday as they participated in the annual ACSS Grad Walk. Graduating students hopped on buses and travelled to Parkside, Shortreed, and Betty Gilbert to walk the halls before returning to ACSS to be cheered on by the students there. They also took the time to play on the playground and have some fun! This is a fantastic tradition that shows the importance of community and inspires our young ones to stay the course and cross that stage with dignity a few years from now.  You can watch the video with highlights below.

Inspired by Nature We had a Teacher on Call in the school this week who was supporting some classrooms. Mrs Kirk knew she had a passion for teaching art so she tapped into this and Ms Larder took the Div 2 kids out to the forest for some drawing in nature. Students were given some tips and then took some time to peacefully draw flowers, sticks, and other beautiful things they observed in our own “back yard”.

Slip Sliding Away  Our grade 5’s travelled to Cultus Lake Waterpark for our annual waterslides trip. Students slipped down slides, rode down on tubes, played in the water park, and had an awesome day on one final field trip together as a group.

A Local “Best Field Trip Ever!”  The grade 3 classes took a day to explore the local waterpark as they walked over to the Otter Co-op Outdoor Experience and spent time in the wave pool, sliding down the water slides, tubing the lazy river and playing in the waterpark. A few students from Mr D’s class returned and said “Best. Field Trip. Ever!”.

Not a Box  Mrs North and Ms Johnson’s students have been tapping into their creative sides as they have been designing and creating structures and characters out of a variety of cardboard boxes. They continue to work on these and we are excited to see the final results!

Little Feathers Graduation The Little Feathers Program, which we are honoured to host in our school on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, had their program graduation this past week. Families were invited in and students aged 3-6 (including some of our kindergarten students) were blanketed (wrapped with love for the body and mind) and acknowledged for their efforts and learning in the program. Ms Elson was also blanketed for her efforts with supporting this valuable program.

Summer Book Shopping  Our PAC has been collecting donated books over the past year and took some time to organize 1000s of books to give to students for free as part of our Summer Book Shopping program. Students got to choose up to 10 books in an area of interest for them to take home and read for the summer. Over the summer, some of our students’ reading skills can fall back so by continuing to read, this helps maintain their reading skills and interest through the 2 months away from school. Thank you to the PAC executive and all the volunteers who helped make this happen. Thank you, too, to all those who donated books!

Principal for the Day  Mr. C spent some time supporting Mr Wejr this past week as the “Principal for the Day”. He helped tour the outside to look at what needed to be done and then helped with some sweeping and calling the district to ask for the front of our school to be trimmed (which they did the following day… thank you, SD35 grounds crew!).  He then toured the classrooms to check out all the awesome learning taking place and then even got a lunch break with a friend at A&W. Thank you, Mr. C!

Local Authors  Each Monday this year, the students from the Hair Stylist program at ACSS have been coming to volunteer in Ms Coghill’s class. As this past week was their final time, the ACSS students all wrote a children’s story, illustrated it, and then read it to the class. They also ran learning stations on design and hair styling. Thank you to the ACSS program and to Ms Coghill for welcoming them in throughout the year.

Learning Halq’emeylem  Mrs Datema’s class was honoured to have Ms Melissa Epp, a parent and member of the Matsqui First Nation, come and share her learning of the Halq’emeylem language. She is one of the many amazing people working hard to bring back traditional Indigenous languages that were almost completely lost due to awful colonial ideas like residential schools. She shared some introductory phrases and some animal names with the class. As Shortreed is honoured to work and reside on the traditional unceded territory of the Matsqui First Nation, we truly appreciate Ms Epp’s efforts to share her local knowledge and language with our students!

Reflecting on Themselves  Mrs Parsons’ class took some time last week to think about themselves as they wrote their own Bio Poems. A bio poem is one that describes oneself or another person through descriptive words and brings Identity into student writing.

Thinking About Core Competencies Many classes took time last week to reflect on their learning of the core competencies. Students had the time to think back and provide examples that showed their learning in the areas of thinking (creative and critical), communication, and personal and social. These reflections will be sent home with report cards on Thursday.

Ready to be Published! Mrs Shears’ students were beaming with pride about their writing they created and completed in class last week. They have spent many days thinking, planning, writing, and editing their creative writing and last week, they were able to get their stories bound and ready to be read by others. It is always so great to see students so proud of their achievement!

A Year of Learning Miss Petersen’s students took some time last week to look back on 10 months of learning in Kindergarten. They reflected on themes and learning for each month and then wrote/drew a reflection of the learning from that month. So. Much. Learning!!!

Creating Motion Ms McKay has been working with some classes on the skill of stop-motion video. With only a whiteboard and a marker, the students created 100s of images and put them together to make their own cartoons. They recently had a chance to check out all their videos on the “big screen”!

The Week Ahead

Tuesday, June 25  Last Day for Breakfast Program
Tuesday, June 25 1:15-2:30  Grade 5 Farewell.
All grade 5 students will be acknowledged and honoured for their time spent at our school. Families of grade 5s are encouraged to attend.
Thursday, June 27 9:00  End of the Year Assembly. We take some time to watch a slideshow and look back on the last month. We will also have some “thank you’s” and bid farewell to staff who are leaving and say one final “so long” to our grade 5s.
Thursday, June 27 11:25  Final dismissal for the year. Students receive report cards. (note that we are unable to give report cards early. They will be available through the online parent portal or in the office for the following week) 


A reminder from the school district to all parents who still require transportation and who qualify for next year.

  • 5 days left to register your child(ren) requiring transportation for 2019-2020 school year.
  • Closing Date June 28th   – Site will close at the end of the business day on June 28 – opening only for “late registration” in late July which is processed middle of September.

School supply lists and order information is on our website here. We are once again encouraging Shortreed families to order online through Staples. Orders must be in by July 5.

The Langley School District is once again offering FREE Summer Sessions at Parkside for elementary students in the area. You can register for sessions in literacy, numeracy, outdoor ed, and sports. Registration is first come, first served so register this week! More info can be found hereNote that if you do not register soon, there is a risk that some sessions will be cancelled and not available. 

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