2019 Year-End Letter

Posted: June 28, 2019

Families of Shortreed,

The year of 2018-19 has come to a close and with this, we have completed our first year as the admin team at Shortreed. We have both felt like this has been a truly memorable year and are so grateful to be part of this amazing community. We cannot thank you enough for all the support, discussions, questions, and kind gestures we have received over the past 10+ months here.

This past week, we said farewell to our grade 5’s as we honoured each one of them for the strengths they bring to our school. It is always great to see each child have “their moment” in front of peers and family. Thank you to all those who were able to come out and support this event. We wish our grade 5’s all the best and we thank them for all they have brought to our school over the years.

On Wednesday, we surprised our community with an appreciation morning where we offered muffins and coffee and juice to all the parents and caregivers who dropped by. We even had Mrs Rutter, Ms Coghill, and Mrs Romas hit the streets for some drive-thru service. Thank you to all our families for so many different ways you support our students and our community.

We also had our year-end assembly on Thursday where we acknowledged some students for their leadership and work in our school to help all our students as well as the school building.  Our PAC executive was also honoured for their work for our kids. Bella Howat and her team of volunteers were thanked for their endless hours to help our students have a positive start to each day.

At the end of the assembly, we carried on the tradition of the grade 5s being cheered as they exit our gym one last time and the grade 4s taking on leadership roles in the school and moving to sit on the benches.

Unfortunately, with each end of the year, we have to bid farewell to some staff member. Next year, the following staff members are moving on:

  • Ms Aplas (SEA) was on a term contract until June 28 and will be working as an SEA on call next year so she can continue to spend more time with her son. We are thankful for her dedication and support for our students on Fridays this year.
  • Ms Hastings (ELL Teacher) will be working at Wix Brown and North Otter.  She had a great rapport with her students and we are thankful for her help supporting some of our students who continue to master the English language.
  • Ms Kwon (SEA) was on a term contract until June 27 and will be working at Simonds Elementary next year. Her professionalism, initiative, knowledge, and care for students and staff made out school that much better and we wish her all the best next year!
  • Ms J. Campbell (SEA) was on a term contract and will be working at another school next year. We have appreciated her calm, caring nature has she worked so well with our students and staff and helped bring out the best in our kids. We will miss her.
  • *Ms Johnson (Grade 2 teacher) is moving out of the grade 2 classroom and has accepted a position as a District ELL Teacher. This is sad news for our classrooms but there is a great next chapter of this story as she has been placed at Shortreed to support our students! We are thankful to keep her passion, wisdom, care, and leadership in our school!
  • *Mrs Graham (Grade 2 teacher) will be taking her maternity leave next year. We wish her all the best with her family and look forward to her returning in September 2020!
  • *Mrs Randhawa (Resource teacher) will likely be returning to our school in September but the district is still determining our resource teacher allocation. If we are not able to have her return, we will miss all her patience, care, and professional she brings to our resource team and teaching staff.
  • Mrs Shears (Grade 4/5 Teacher) has accepted a position at Simonds Elementary to be closer to her family. She has brought an incredible level of professionalism, dedication, leadership, and care to our school and we will miss her dearly but wish her nothing but the best at her new school!
  • Mrs Rutter (K teacher) was on a term contract this year so will be at another school in the fall. She cares deeply about our school and this shines through in the love she shows each day for the students and families in her class. Her classroom is always a fun, warm place to be and we thank her for the past two years of service to our school. We wish her all the best in the coming years and look forward to future visits from Mrs Rutter.

For September, Ms Kelly and Mrs Vleeming will be joining our team as kindergarten teachers. We have met with them and are both so excited to join us. They both have strong reputations in the district and we look forward to what they will bring to our school. We also have a vacant grade 4 teaching position that will be filled this summer.

A reminder that school supplies can be ordered online until Friday, July 5. You can find the order info here.

If you need anything next week, our office hours are 8:00-2:30 on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Once again, we are so thankful for the opportunity to work with the staff and families here to serve this community as the admin team and we look forward to the years ahead growing together to help bring out the best in our students.

Have a wonderful summer of reading, exploring, and enjoying moments together with family and friends. We will see you on September 3!

M. Touzeau and C. Wejr


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